Practical & Scalable Palm Oil Traceability Platform

Hamurni is a practical, inclusive and scalable digital tool for supply chain mapping and traceability. It aims to empower smallholders and transform the palm oil industry towards transparency and sustainability.


Designed based on smallholder insights from the field, Hamurni gives visibility of the palm oil supply chain up to individual smallholders, currently the most challenging aspect of palm oil traceability.


Hamurni is an inclusive platform that connects stakeholders across the palm oil value chain


The platform is developed to tackle deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and social inequality.


Provides smallholders with greater market access and useful information on plantation management to improve production and income.


App is free for farmers to use and designed to be self-sustainable in the long term.


It is an interoperable, tool-agnostic platform that can easily integrate data from other systems.

Local language support

Available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.


Install App & create your account

You can start using Hamurni App by downloading it on your Google Play store, creating an account with your phone number, inviting your contacts, registering farmer groups, plantations and other assets to help you manage your business. You can set up an account with your feature phone too.

Buy or sell FFB

You can create and submit your transaction forms to your sellers or buyers and get their responses. You can create these forms even when you are offline. Hamurni also supports simpler transactions by feature phone users.

Keep track of your business

You can look at the history of all your transactions, respond to new transactions and check if your sellers or buyers responded to your transactions. You can also easily see a summary of your transactions for your custom-selected period, per plantation or per delivery order.

Collect and redeem points

You can collect points and redeem rewards as you create your account, invite friends and register your business related assets and use Hamurni to record your transactions.

You can also get useful information on business management and plantation and crop management to improve your plantation yields.


Palm oil is the world’s most produced, consumed, and traded vegetable oil. It is a highly efficient crop that offers a far greater yield at a lower cost of production than other vegetable oils. However, irresponsible production of palm oil has been one of the major drivers of deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and social conflicts

The lack of visibility on the origins of raw materials is a fundamental cause. Improving the transparency of the palm oil supply chain can help processors and buyers identify and tackle issues associated with raw material production to make informed procurement decisions.

Giving visibility to the “first mile” of the supply chain is key for companies to implement their no-deforestation and sustainability policies, by enabling the identification of non-compliant products and collaboration with suppliers to improve their practices.

WWF and HeveaConnect developed the Hamurni platform based on the long-term experience and knowledge of the complex supply chains and upstream suppliers in the industry. It is designed to improve the integration of smallholders into the value chain and to achieve sustainable commodity production and nature conservation.


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